bees collect yummy honey

it comes out there tummy

No internet

Hello everyone  my name is William and going to tell you what happen yesterday about we had no internet. it is fun playing  the dinosaur game i whispered it "Cody loves the game "i am telling the truth forthe actaul game i can get up to the volcano part it is fun playing on the game it is  the fhardest  part in  the game .my  favourite part  it is still the volcano i can never get to that part in my whole life . If you get there tell me insantly


Hello everyone my name is William i am going to tell you about summer sports. I play hockey,touch rugby and soccer. It is fun playing hockey and touch rugby,but i have never played soccer Before in my life. But it might just be fun enough to make me laugh. I only know one teammate, she is Esme in my class Esme is a good soccer player like i'm a great soccer play.


In room 2 we are making made up stories. My story is about Pokemon world and regions. I am a young boy that like Pokemon and i really wanted to see in the Pokemon world. I am going to tell you some of my story i Writ."Oh,what is that thing"i said.Then a Professor came up and said "that there is a Pokemon and its name is bulbasaur ."i asked "what is this

aotearoa day

In room 2we ,ve been at the hall for a speical  middle team Aotearoa day . Conner and Amelia were the hosts for the Aotearoaday. It was on Monday the 25th of september  2017 this  year.Then we had the kapa haka group


On the fourth of  September the whole school except the whole junior team went swimming for two weeks. On the first week of swimming. My swimming teachers were for swimming were Julia and Mitchel are my swimming teachers for the first week of swimming. On the first week of swimming i was okay with swimming for the first week with Julia and Mitchel. On the second week i had only one teacher for everyday it was Julia. In my group was me,Ava, Jem and eligah are in my group.I love it.